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CVT Fluid for Ford Freestyle

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I need to do a drain and fill on my 2005 Freestyle's CVT. I know Ford and some websites recommend using only the Motorcraft XT7QCFT fluid. There are potential alternatives that are less expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has used the Valvoline CVT fluid (which says on the container it meets the Ford XT7QCFT spec) or any other brand with good success. Thanks.
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As long as it says CVT on it it will be fine with the cheap stuff. I replaced my 5R55W trans in my 02 mountaineer with a totally remanufactured one and used the trans fluid it called for but bought the walmart brand and it hasn't had a problem in almost 3 years. A lot of people swear by the name brand expensive stuff I'm not one of them and my trans will last just as long as their name brand trans fluid
No problem in using any trans fluids that is equivalent to manufacturer recommended one.
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