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Problem; when i'm driving along and
select 1,2 or3, the engine free revs
untill it gets up 2 the revs required
2 give it drive.
Also when slowing down i can select
1,2 or3 and the box seems 2 go
into neutral, so i can't use the
engine 2 slow down.
I have already replaced the
inhibitor switch with no luck.:-(
Any body had the same problem?
I first though it was a throttle position
sensor fault ,but can't find anything
about it in the workshop manual.
Do they have one????

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$1500 will buy you a manual EA Falcon. rip out the gear box and put it in your baby. (and keep the engine for spare... just incase)

no more auto probs!!

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Had a similar problem for a while in my EL then the gearbox really played up. took my car to Markos auto in Coreen avenue Penrith and they found a solenoid in the box had failed. Cost about $280 or $380 to repair but I did get a service at the same time. The way they tested for this solenoid was to put box in first the drive off and while it was in 1st the gears changed like it was in drive and would not hold 1st at all. Hope this helps.

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If you've been doing a lot of manual shifting the worm in the valve body can break or bind. Just something else to check.
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