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hey i was jsut wondering, what all did you do to your car to get it to run 13's? Also how much was what you got?

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Since Dan seems to be MIA, I can give you a bit of info...I saw his car, even rode in it during one of his runs. I know he did massive weight reductions...stripped the ENTIRE enterior, and even part of the exterior. He had a 75 shot bottle of NOS hooked up to it as well.

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Here's what I had:

*weight removal - only 170lb of stuff - most removable interior items, except for driver seat/seatbelt, dash. [cost = 12-18 hours of labor]

*Nitrous kit (NOS brand) 5115 - 75-shot single fogger dry system.[cost = $250, bought used)

*Walbro 255L/hr high-flow fuel pump.[cost = $95]

*Home made cold air intake with HKS filter (Hotshot style)[cost = $35 in supplies]

*Hotshot headers (unequal-length short runners)[cost = 0 -bought used, exchanged for labor]

*Test pipe (2.5 inch ID -internal diameter) replacing Cat. converter [ made myself, cost = $15 in supplies]

*HKS exhaust [bought used, cost = 0, exchanged for labor]

*ACT HDR6 Clutch (race clutch, 6-puck) [cost $352 + $220 install]

That's about it. You'll see that a lot of parts were either made by myself or bought used (cheap) in exchange of me working on other people's cars.

My next installment will consist mainly of new parts. Here is a breakdown of what's next for my car:

*35,000 mile KL-03 motor + transmission - $700
*New NOS 5115 nitrous kit - $450
*New ACT R6 clutch disk - $140
*Home-made intake+filter - $65
*Pacesetter armor-coated headers - $250
*Unorthodox Racing under-drive pulley - $115
*Outlaw Racing phenolic spacers - $65
*Ported intake manifold - $0 (I'll do).
*Removed VRIS systems.
*14x7.5 drag slicks + wheels ($550)

Other things (non-performance) that will be on the car - Sinsei front end, fiberglass hood, Autopower roll bar, Corbeau seat, 5pt harness, steering wheel...

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that was it and you ran 13's? hmm....well what are you going to do with your headers and nos kit when you get the new ones?
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