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Hi all,

My folks are about to purchase a Falcon SR, and I'm just enquiring about a couple of things on their behalf.

Firstly dedicated LPG, has anybody had experience with the system? Is it reliable, especially on cold morning starts? Also the specs list the engine as having 143kw but more torque, is this drop in power noticable?

Colour wise, we've pretty much narrowed it down to venom (red), galaxy (blue) or liquid silver. They all look good! What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

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I lurrrve liquid silver myself. I've had red cars for my last two and I love that too. Silver is the fav at the moment.
Haven't driven the dedicated lpg falc yet so I can't tell you anything about it. I've read that it takes a few seconds longer to fire up in the morning but I don't know for sure..

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OK, Dedicated LPG, well, yes its good.

You cuold not pick the difference between it an a petrol car unless you where told.

You can notce a slightly louder engine noise when doing 100k's PLUS. due to the way the gas burns.

Cranking is the big difference. Whenever you start the dedicated LPG,it cranks and splutters for about 1 - 2 seconds before the engine starts. (Petrol falcons start straight up with very little cranking)

On Cold mornings.. have fun! It cranks for about 5 - 6 seconds, and sometimes you may need to try a couple of times.

Not to mention the spare tyre sitting in the boot can be a bit of a bugger.

BUT ON A GOOD NOTE, fuel running costs are bloody excellent.
It costs about $45 to fill the LPG car, and I got 717kms from it around town...

My Petrol Falcon apprx $60 to filll (with some juise still in the tank) and I get about 400kms around town (AVG).

IF I WAS TO BUY AGAIN..... I Probably would go LPG, for the simple reason of saving $$$$.

As for the colour, I LOVE VENOM on XR's. I dont like the look of it on any other falcon.
But, I have a great diffiuclty in choosing between Galaxy and Liquid Silver... Personally my car is Liquid Silver, but I still like Galaxy ALOT. and if I had the choice again, I would go for galaxy... (Maybe??? awww shucks I dont know this is confusing.!!!!)

I hope this helps.

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Having driven the dedicated LPG falcon, I would agree with most of jaytyn's comments. Although I did notice a difference in performance. The car seem pretty good down low, but up higher in the rev range it definitely runs out of breathe quicker than the petrol car, thats how it feels for me anyway.

Other then that, great car with great economy:thumbup:

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SOlid colours like Venom will always be better in the long run. That's why I changed my car from Sihouette. I don't think Ford quite has it as far as paint goes.

Having said that, Galaxy would be a nightmare to look after. Silver looks A1, Venom looks good and lasts well, plus it's easy to maintain. I went for Venom!

As for LPG, get a hold of the recent Wheels magazines. The time it takes to pay back the LPG means you need to be doing high kays to make it worthwhile. It comes down to personal situation and usage. If you must go LPG, the dedicated system is excellent.

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Gooday, I'm on to my 2nd e-gas ba the first was a 03 model
with 118000 ks and run like a gem! the one I have now is an
05 XT II e-gas with 59000 and its also an ex NSW police car
has most of the options front/ back power windows, reverse
censors, auto headlights,police suspension ect and has'nt
missed a beat the difference in power is minimal!
congradulations ford for such a great car

Cheers Nods
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