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Diablosport Trinity - new 2010 coverage and more tunes

The Trinity by Diablosport is a virtual gauge monitor, performance programmer, and diagnostic code reader all in one!

The Trinity is one of the most advanced devices of it's kind on the market featuring:
* Color Touch Screen
* Advanced Data Acquisition with enhanced parameters (see PID list)
* Customizable Gauges
* Full Reflash / Reprogram Tuning
* Housed in a slim, stylish and easy to use unit

The Diablosport Trinity is one of the most advanced diagnostic tuning devices on the market today. With over 100MB of on board memory devoted solely to recording and playing back diagnostic PID/DMR data, it allows users to record hours and hours of continuous data streams directly from the vehicle’s PCM/ECM.

The Diablosport Trinity interprets PID and DMR data received from the OBD-II Diagnostic port on your vehicle and converts it into a readable format: A Virtual Gauge! Individual user customization is one of Trinity's most recognizable features.

View the (updated) Diablosport Trinity PID List of displayed parameters (pdf)

Installation of the Diablosport Trinity is simple

See the current vehicle coverage list here
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