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Did you know that you can subscribe to a category or thread? No??? Well guys and Dolls it is easy when you find a thread or area that you like or that you will be frequenting then what you will need to do is click on the link that asks: Receive updates to this thread

This will notify you that there are new threads and posts in the areas that you subscribe to. So what you say....well here is the crazy thing your SysAdmin is working on. All those threads that you subscribe to soon you will be able to receive in full form via email similar to a LIST SERVER. This will allow you to be able to post and reply to messages that appear on the board through email. For those times you want to post but can not. You know what I am talking about. I too have gotten in trouble for surfing the site while I am at work.

Soon we will be beta testing and will need to get some volunteers to help us bug check this new code I am working on. Soon you can have the convienance of posting and replying to threads from work or where ever with out the GUI interface all through email. This is all going to happen as close to real time as possible.

So when you post a message on the forum and another person is subscribed to this they will be able to get it in a list form or as an individual email. If the person replies to the email it will be coded into the forum in the correct area and updated on the board.

Stay Tuned for this Cool New feature coming soon!!!!

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for this please reply to the thread. We will be taking 10 individuals. So far we have 3 slots taken.

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ok here is a simplified version of how it will work......

1. you chose to subscribe to a thread or area(s)

2. you choose how you want the emails sent. 1 message at a time or in a list form with 20 posts at once within one email.

3. You get the email with one or 20 posts in it.

4. You want to you will click on the reply link at the end of the thread.

5 type your reply out.

6. click send.

7. ignore the email after that or reply to another post in the message.


what the server and email itself does.

once emailed it has a session hash in the header that is a unique identifier for the person receiving it. when you hit reply on a single post message it will take that id and also place a little more hash info in there. This is generated from the reply link. It will tell the server where the post needs to go and who sent it. This is a unique session id for each user for each post and login. So it can not be self generated by typing false header info in thus eliminating a back door or hacking on the server.....It also can be used one time for each post so that if you forward the message it will not work for that person it was forwarded.

You reply and click send. Server gets it. SErver reads ID and HASH info and see's that it has to go in xxxxx thread as a reply. posts this message and others see it as you as the one who replied.

In the next mailing it will grab your message and then all replies to it and email it to you.

I am still getting the kinks worked out for the new posts. Just does not want to work. :(
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