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I've just received word from Pete Bysterveld in WA that he has finally
received stock of the EEC Tuner. This is a daughter board add-on
to allow reprogramming of factory EEC-IV and EEC-V processors.
It requires no cutting of the factory harness. Programming is done
in software and transmitted via a PC serial link.

The supplied software only has specific support for US processors
but there is 3rd party package (PCM Explorer) with some support
for Australian processors. I have this program and can attest to its

Anyone wanting info on these products can contact Pete at
[email protected] He is an authorised agent for the EEC
Tuner. Alternatively you could order the product direct from the
manufacturer but due to our diving dollar value and shipping/customs
it would be cheaper to buy locally. You'll also get good support from
Pete as he really knows his stuff.

Some links to appropriate sites:

General EEC
[email protected] <-mailing list


PCM Explorer

Kon Kabilafkas
[email protected]

** General disclaimer **

I have no financial interest in any of the above commercial products
mentioned. I am merely providing this information to club members
as a Ford enthusiast. I also hope to broaden the knowledge base
of the EEC among Australian Ford owners as there is a dearth of such
knowledge presently.

Also note that this product requires some understanding of the
Ford EEC processor and its workings and if used incorrectly
can damage or destroy your engine or processor! If you don't
know what you're doing you are advised to do some solid
research first or go to a reputable chip tuner instead.

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This guy knows what he is talking about.A big Ford fan too.Is interested in any problems in tuning eec systems.Plus he returns/answers your e mails.
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