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My god! What a drama.

My GF has a '97 323 Protege 1.6 that is so enoying to drive due to its guttless proformance before (apprx.) 3000 rpm. The car is in great working order and has just clicked over 80000 kms. Is a 5 speed manual (which i thought would make it easier :-(

I'm not trying to set it up like a preformance vehicle. It's just that it can be outright dangerous when trying to take off, cross an intersection, change lanes. The fact is, unless u are doing over 3000rpm the car isn't interested. After that rmp range, it takes off like a shower of sh#t before signing off (a little early for my liking) at high rpm.

When taking off at the lights i need to ride the clutch to get it through the flat spot or, i stab the pedal to get the revs up and then let the clutch out. Totally crap bottom end power. What's the deal?

I am thinking that the idle is set a little low, which would cause the engine to die when taking off. What is the standard idle setting?

Also, at the last service the mechanic said the injectors would need a service in the future. They weren't worth touching just yet. Would this cause and 'low down' dramas? I can't believe it would be a big contributer.

Has this happened to u? What would u do for a cheap fix up? Intake? EXhaust? Unichip?

Bigger motor would suit me better but it's just not on the cards ATM.

Thanks for your input.
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