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Well I took the laser to the track to run the import drags. First 2 runs sucked, they were using a weird lighting tree setup, it was'nt yellow,yellow, yellow, yellow, green, just every yellow light lit up, then the green, once I got used to it it was'nt too bad, but I could have do.e better. As for the reason the first 2 runs sucked, me being the ricer that I am, I just could'nt stand to run down the 1/4 in the heat for those few seconds, and I totally spaced turning the A/C off. first 2 runs...17.398 at 87.62MPH and 17.125 at 87.02 finnaly realized that I had the A/C on and ran a 15.115 at 92.03 and a 15.643 at 92.06, got a bye for my first run, and ran a 15.099 at 91.46 next 2 runs I lost with a 15.996 and a 16.013, lost by a little both runs, so I was done with the trophy classes for the night, but I stuck around to watch, watched some cool cars, they brought out a top fuel dragster, I watched a few cars run, talked to some sponsors that were there scouting, got my picture taken by a guy that worked for the paper countless times, then they started doing a few time only runs. so since I had been so close to 14 earlier, and it was cooler out I decided to take a run hoping that the cooler denser air would make up for the tenth of a second I had been from running a 14 , so I went up against a 5.0 mustang that had been eliminated earlier on, I noticed his dialin was 14.20, he got a .276 reaction time compared to my 1.464 LOL but he took 2.286 in the 0-60 ft while I got a 1.356 60 foot time (no It's not AWD) I kept on the gas, and ran a 14.270 at 93.94 MPH (boooooooooyaaaaaahhhhh) ran 2 more time only's ran against a 13 second talon in my 2nd TO run, only ran a 15.256 guy with the talon went to shift into 4th at the end of the track right before the fnish, and hit 2nd, blew his ACT 2100 to pieces, last run I ran a 15.014. All in all I was pretty happy with the car, only mods are a cut air can, and removed silencer, for tires I was running the really crappy 205's that came on the car when I got it, they're 4 different kinds of tire, neither are even H rated:) so, whatcha all think of the lasers first race? On a side note I got pulled over later on, there were 2 cops, one of them had a FIT when he noticed my time on the winshield, pointed out to the other cop, and the other cop was like, so what? Though they kept shining their lights into the back and looking at the total lack on an interior. I did'nt get a ticket, cause the cop was a sherrif, and therefore cool.

Tiernan Pearson
90 laser RS (Really Scary)
94 eclipse GS (Goes Slow)
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