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82 Bronco Rear shaft is too short after lift.

I over extended the stock shaft until it fit, so I could get a measurement.
Has to be 36" from u-joint to u-joint at rest.

I was hoping that a rear shaft from another truck would be the correct length.
Noone seems to know the shaft lenghts on different vehicles though.


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I am using a "Spicer Co., Dual- Cardan " Design Rear Chaft on my 1986 Bronco. My vehicle is slightly lifted, but the Spicer unit has an extended and extendable shaft that seems to accomodate most lifted vehicles. The dual cardan has 3 universal joints, with two enclosed in a special harness that goes up near the transmission or 4x4 transfer case. This unit seems to extend pretty far. I am not sure where in your area they might sell this unit, but it may be available from J.C. Whitney at
under drive train items.
Good Luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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