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Drove 94 Crown Vic

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Last week I was in South GA visiting my grandparents. I had to drive them everywhere. It didn't bother me at all. Anyway, they own a 94 Crown Vic had it since new. 7yr old car with 60,000mi on it. That car flew, the drive was smooth. I know it's just not me saying that. One night I had the car valet parked. The guy brings it back to me saying " that car flys". The only thing I didn't like was the steering. To much power steering for me. Nice to drive a 302V8 5.0L that really is a 4.9L.

Maybe ya'll know the answer to this question ? How come Ford droped or stop saying LTD Crown Victoria ?
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I remember the first time I test drove my car.... I had my brother with me.. I pulled on a side street and dropped it down... and when I looked down at the speedo I was doing 70! I was like Holy cow.... and I bought the car the next day!

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