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I drove the ZX3 while I was on vacation in Seattle last week. Overall I really like the car, rommy and nice ride to it, good stereo, looks sporty.

Some things I didnt like was the road noise on some raods at hiway speed and it needs more power. I drove the automatic so that might be why. I kept shifting down to 2nd while on the hiway to pass people. It was a rental so I could do it without much fear. That little Focus can do 80 mph in 2nd gear and when it gets in the 5000-7000 rpm range it has some power to it.

Cant wait to drive the new SVT Focus. I may want to trade in my truck...

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I have a 00 ZX3 and love the way she handles. I have added a K&N drop in airfilter, along w/ the FocusSport Stress Bar, does wonders to my ZX3. I too have the automatic tranny.
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