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Tonight after a quick run at 711, this drunk dude I have never seen before comes up to me, I'm posting this because it's funny how much word goes and around and through what crowds. This was the conversation:

Drunk Dude: Wuts up man?
Me: Wusup?
Drunk Dude: Nice car man.....
Me: Thanks
Drunk Dude:'re that Tempo guy right?
Me: HA HA Tempo guy? Who says that?
Drunk Dude: Man.....everyone talks about your red Tempo (that would be the XR5). Everyone says it's pretty quick. But I heard it got hit. Did you fix it back up? is this it? Is it still fast?......
Me: No, this is another car....
Drunk Dude: Awww $hit....sweet man (burp.....almost falling over)....It looks badass man.....(notices tags)......dam live in Mexico?
Me: HAHA......New Mexico USA, yea it'll have a nice sleeper engine in it hopefully in a few months.
Drunk Dude: better come back around when you get it in there....
Me: You'll know......later

There it is, just a typical conversation with some crazy ass drunk guy at 2 in the morning, but still.......I've never seen him before and he knows about the Topaz and apparently there's word about some "Tempo guy" LOL......that'd be me.......I've heard other people in automotive circles making mention of it too......heh heh I just think it's funny, my XR5 is gone and I don't even live here anymore and there are still rumours going around about it :rocking:

Hehe, I'm starting to get that too! I've been keeping my project kinda quite around home here. But a few people have heard rumors. One guy got in my cab and said "Are the rumors true?" I didn't catch on to what he meant right away so he asked, "Is it true you're putting an SHO motor in your Topaz". Of course I'm not going to deny it.

I get all sorts of reactions from "Why would you waste money on a Tempo" to "DAMN!, You definitely have to take me for a ride when it's done!" Hopefully I can enter a few car and stereo shows next summer. I'm sure I'll have plenty of explaining to do....LOL
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