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I am currently building a 327 stroker (forged crank, rods @ pistons). I want to use the edlebrock dual quad setup. My camshaft is going to be around 226 @ 232 duation (int./exh. respectively) and .545/.565" of lift. These are actual duration and lift numbers at .050". I plan on running a hydralic roller camshaft and the redline is going to be set between 6000-6200 rpm depending on what my engine builder says (I realize these lifters have problems @ 6250rpm). Also with the cost of the engine buildup reliability and longevity are serious concerns of mine. I am using a brand new production block with a girdle. The engine will be going into a 1985 mercury capri gs. It weighs 3140 lbs., has a 5 speed tranny and 3.73 gears with an eaton posi.. I really love carbs and would like to put 2 on if possible (500cfmx2), my question concerns possible over-carburation. The only other manifold/carb combo I have considered is the edlebrock air gap and barry grant 650 cfm. The cost of the two is about the same, but the coolness factor of dual quads is of course higher than one. One other area of notation is that I plan to use a vac. advance dis., electric waterpump/fan, and power brakes. Idle-1500 rpm performance is another area of some concern. Any info. would be of great help to me.

Thank you for your time,
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