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Forgive this rant, but it is 4am here and I haven't had much sleep over the past few days, but this is just ridiculous.

February was probably the saddest month in NASCAR history. I can remember seeing footage from Davey Allisons aircraft when he died, I remember the first Polish victory lap that was driven in Alan Kulwycki's honor (talk about tears)... but the death of Earnhardt was so unexpected, and took out the greatest NASCAR driver in history, who even at his ol' age was still in his prime. (this coming from someone who booed Earnhardt twice at the Phoenix NASCAR race).

Right at a month after his death, I found on ebay a limited edition Dale Earnhardt signature series 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aeroback. Granted, the MCSS Aeroback is a very limited edition car, much like our beloved 92 GLS. For those of you who don't know, this car was produced to allow the slippery back window to be legal in NASCAR. Only 600 were produced in 1986, and approx 2000 of them were produced in 1987 (last year). Today, your standard notchback MCSS goes for about $4k in excellent condition, and the Aeroback will probably fetch twice that in excellent condition, so figure on $8-$10K. Figure in another $2.5K for the fact that it was the limited edition Earnhardt car (black and silver with gfx applied), and another $2.5K that this was signed by Earnhardt himself. Before his death, you were looking at a $15K 14 year old car. I almost choked when I found out that the reserve price for this auction was $64,000!!!!!! For a 14 year old car!!!! This guy was really trying to profit on his death, and it was sickening.

Tonight, I was scanning ebay again, and I ran across another limited edition Dale Earnhardt Signature Series Monte Carlo SS. This one is based off of the 2001 Monte Carlo SS. According to the write up, this was the 3rd and final D.E. Signature car built, and the owner, who is a 2nd cousin to Dale himself, picked up the car from Earnhardt Chevrolet on Feb 16th, about a week before his death. There are no authentic signatures on the car, the only signatures that adorn the car are embroidered in the headrest and on decals that flank the rear fenders. What you are esentially getting is a nice new (although used since it has been sold new already) MCSS with very low miles and a dealership markup promotion (black/silver paint, decals etc) package, and I quote "many options making this vehicle a very nice and valuable car, with a modest price tag". Another quote "With heavy heart, the owner can not keep this car. ".

Here is the real kicker.. the Asking Price for the car was $102,000!!!!!!!!! What the hell kind of modest price tag is that? Modest Price Tag my skinny white a$$. The final bid for the car was only $19K!! Serves this family member right for trying to profit on the death of his cousin. These people don't realize that it is going to be at least 15-20 years before those cars will be able to command those kind of prices. Stupid *****ing people.

Again, sorry for the rant but it just pisses me off.. especially this cousin of his. He deserves to have that car stolen!

Here is a link to the auction.
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