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BA'o'Matic 100% working.
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Having got all the EB A/C parts from STOKEB to fit into my EA, I can say that you need 100% EVERYTHING, the compressor bolts in no problem, the condenser fits no problem and the A/C lines fit in no problem (removal of passenger headlight and front bumper are required for condenser and lines), the TX valve has to be changed to an EB one ($87 from ford) if you don't get the valve,(small line size on the front side is bigger), and you will need the longer allen screws ($2.40 each from ford) to hold it all together (again if you don’t get them), the evaporator in the car should be changed as well again different small line size (full dash removal, didn't feel like it), I just rounded my pipe down using a file to be small enough to fit the TX valve cleanly and still seal (yet to be gassed and 100% confirmed).

So maybe I paid allot for the TX and screws, but it's all done so don't care :0)

Just thought I would post up for anyone who is thinking of fixing EA A/C with newer EB parts, think I mentioned everything above correctly and completely.

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