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EB GT copy rear bumper,
slight crack that can be easily fixed.
It's being replaced by insurance company.
Got nudged by a woman driver!
Fit EB/ED make an offer.

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The crack is above where the exhaust sticks out ,it's
about 50mm long from top 2 bottom.
I'm in the penrith area, $50.

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Hey EB ON NOS, I also live in Penrith area. I have a ED XR6 Supercharged.I,ll be joining the club next meeting. If you want to meet up to go for a cruise any time e-mail me your details. [email protected]

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Hey there, did you here about the club by way of a flyer in your letterbox? If so, I was the one who put it there, I live just down the road, and i drive past your house everyday. You have 3 nice Fords there, which is good to see

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AU guy.
No i've know about the club for awhile.
But didn't know non tickford owners could join,
until i spoke to Trent at the all ford day.
I'll be going to the next club meet .
Maybe we can meet up before then?
What number is your place?

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