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hi, i'm running a 4.0L ED XR6 engine in a TD cortina and my problem is: i've got a 1.5amp current draw which is good for flattening a N70ZZ in a couple of days. i've traced the draw to pin no.1 of the ecu which is the only direct battery feed for the ecu and is the memory wire for the blocklearn etc.

the question i've got is what else does this wire service? if it's only for ecu memory then why is the wire 3mm when most of the other heavy electrical traffic wiring is 1.5mm. for this reason i'm suspecting it must have other purposes ie: power feeds for transistor bases etc

i want to know the full purpose of this wire so i can either remove it(have no blocklearn), relay it or switch the powerfeed in some shape or form. this is the only alternative i can think of as i've already had the ecu benchtested and no faults found and so far i've come up zip on trying to locate another XR6 manual ecu which doesnt have smartlock.

i've tried a few of the hardcore efi places here in perth for answers and so far no one has been able to help.

if anyone has any other suggestions, i'd be wrapped to hear them too.

thanks in advance,
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