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I have got my EEC-IV ECU burnt in my ford Taurus 1994 LX Wagon with 3.8L engine. the printed Numbers on the ECU are as following:
F44F-12A650-FA G (L4W0 big capital letters).
Can any one help me to find the alternate from the junk yard. i asked for the new, they said its not available with dealer and it will take one month to deliver in Riyadh Saudi Arabia from USA. (I am living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia).
i have a big junk yard here, but every time i find a taurus, it has ECU W2H which i tried in my 3.8L engie and it does not work. Please if you can post the compatible ECU numbers, i might find one of them in junk yard. Thanks every one.
Nisar Ahmad
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