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Hi guys, it's a public holiday, so no-one's around and I'm concerned.
I have just completed installing an ea manual into the ed. Have jumped the inhibitor switch to start her up and connected the reverse switch. All the other wires conected to the round plug seem to be redundant.
BUT, although she starts and runs, she is very rough, idling low, and very rich. Thinking this may be the ecu, have transplanted the ea ecu from the same car the box came from, with no success. Both cars ran fine with their respective box's and ecu's, but not in combo.
I'm hoping it will be a simple, and cheap re-program, but am anxious to find out. A little advise would be nice.

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you say you have fitted the ECU from the EA??
Was it a multipoint? or centrepoint? this will make an even bigger difference. EA cams are different to ED and then you factor in 3.9 versus 4.0
Put your original ECU in and the on the left hand side of the column, remove the wiring from the Auto controller unit.

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