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Hi all,
I've just acquired a Ford Mustang with a 351 Windsor running a 600 Holley on top of an Edelbrock Performer 351-W Manifold. There is no adaptor plate, does it need one? Also it is leaking fuel out of the side of the carb near the gasket. I have tried replacing the gasket which works inititially, the car fires up nice and strong but when I turn it off and try and start it again fuel begins leaking out of the carb again and it wont start. I used gasket glue when replacing the gasket to try and seal it better however it still leaks. Should you use gasket glue for a carby gasket??? Does it sound like an internal problem in the carb?? Also dont understand how it is seeping out of the new gasket???
Please help!!!!
Thanks heaps,
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