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Hi guys, thought I would post this up, for my help, as well as others wanting to do the same thing.

I am going to be removing my rooted auto for a 5spd manual of some sorts, and I just wanted to know if there are any other parts/secrets/hints I need to make the job easier.

Off the top of my head, these are the parts I can think of.

Gearbox (durr) - I would assume they would come with a thrust bearing and clutch yoke.
New tailshaft - I will be getting an alloy one so I can piss the limiter off
Clutch pedal - Also, someone has told me about a pin that you can buy, so you can use the auto pedal box and not remove the dash, anyone know about these??
Clutch cable.
Clutch & pressure plate.

I'm not sure how much wiring needs to be changed, but as far as I know, because mine is a V8 and has a seperate trans computer, the ECU doesnt need to be changed.

And finally, does anyone know roughly how much Tremec TR-3550 or TKO gearboxes are worth??


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he swaped everything from an XR8, his job was a tad "easier" in that aspect.
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