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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but I read the post about it and seeing as there are a few other tech questions in here, I thought it'd be ok. By all means move it if its not in the right place . :fraz:

Annnnyway, just a query or two regarding some interior mods for my EF. First of all, I'm thinking about fitting an AU sunglasses holder, but there are a few things Im unsure of. AU has a different roof slope to EF, I know that, but pretty sure I can make it fit by altering it a bit to match the roof shape. Also, the only AU i have experience with (and the ability to try stuff out on) is an AUII Fairmont, and the sunnies holder in tehse have little fisheye lights in them - is there any AU model (or better still EF/L model), that has the sunnies holder WITHOUT these lights built in?

Secondly, I'm going to put in the rear footwell courtesy light in the next few weeks when i can be stuffed, how hard do you think it'd be to also fit a liught inside the centrel console bin? I think it'd be useful when it comes to hunting round for CD's/coins in there at night, cos atm you cant see a thing.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you guys can give me!
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