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EF_GuY's Car

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Hi Peoples,

Here is a pic of my baby, as i promised. Lemme know what you guys think?????
Oh yeah i didn't wash it before this pic, infact it was after rain so it probably could look abit better.



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what colour is that, black blue or dark green.
I dont mind the colour..
Yeah the colour is called Polynesian Green. basically in the light it's blue but in the dark it goes green.

The colour looks really cool when the car is clean and polished but looks very dodgy when dirty.
Paint marks pretty easy as well. :( :(
the cusso would look good painted that colour
That's a bloody good looking Wagon there EF.. Nearly bought one myself, but went for the XR ute instead. Great power in the ute, but most of the time I needed more than 2 seats!!.. Oh well, you get that.
Nice car EF, Actually thats quite a good looking EF Wagon, I like the wheels.
Ford Man and Jaytyn, yeah thankyou for the positive comments. really appreciate it.
Yeah basically with the wheels i couldn't afford getting the EL 16's so these EF XR wheels was the next best thing.
I didn't want to do up the wagon so it looked wild or look riced, thats why i only lowered it an inch. and i put a small spoiler to set my wagon aside from others. I guess i've made it abit of a sleeper.
That's a nice looking wagon... The 16's do look a bit nicer though - my wife actually commented on the new wheels! I was amazed..

Here's a pic of my car with the 15's..
Nice looking ride there Petrol Hamster. I take it that's your daily driver??...
Petrol Hamster,

Very nice machine you got there mate. :thumbup: :thumbup: Good to see another fellow EF driver. Go the EF's.

Yeah my dosh wasn't quite enough to get a good nick EF XR6 so i decided to buy dad's car and do it up even though it's a wagon but i know the condition.
The front of the XR looks way better than the standard EF front. I take it the colour is heritage green.
Nice car........look forward to seeing it on the Bathurst run
Yeah i'll try to post more piccies (when i can steal the camera from work :p ) of my baby after a wash. :D
Finally got around to gettin more piccies,
Here is another....


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Heres My car taken after a wash and detail :D


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Aaaaand another... ;)


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It looks nice and tidy hey. and you can notice the difference after the detailing :)

You dont see many nice wagons around, good on ya.

go the shagg'n wagon!
Very nice EF... any lucky finding those other 2 cylinders yet??? HAHAHAHAHA :D
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