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EL GHIA Stereo

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Just ripped it out, if anyone is interested, give me a yell.

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Is the Premium Sound System, as found in the EL GT.

Consists of the following;

Double DIN Head Unit, which is tape etc, also Digital Sound Processor,
6 Stacker CD Player, for the boot
7 Speakers, includes 4 mids, 2 tweeters and a sub
An amp

Will fit into any EL, EF etc
I would be happy to part for it for $400, no less, that would include all speakers, both head units, stacker, external amp, cd wire, not sure about other wires, would have to look how hard to get out of car..............

cobraXR said:
what to run the amp and extra speakers?

VilkasMaximus: why did you rip it out, wrecking car?? my g/f has one in her EL fairmont ghia and they are pretty nice, should of been a option in a XR
Ok mate, if you are interested in buying it, contact me [email protected]

Why did I rip it out, because I now run the following,

Pioneer DEX-P1 Head unit, single DIN CD/Tuner, includes 4 volt pre out, DSP etc, Pioneer CDX-2000 12 Stacker, MTX 2300 (2x200watt rms), MTX 4300 (4x70watt rms), Boston Acoustics Pro 3 Way speakers, 2xMTX Thunder 7000 15" subs

And still to come, third amp, speakers for the rear, and maybe DVD stacker and screen.............

Yep, and I do have radio code!!
cobraXR said:
Damn... I wouldn't park that thing at any shopping centre car park! I will email you now.
Too right, got a point there, I am very paranoid where I park it, but if something did happen I have great resources to track anyone down.........I actually walk 3 kms every day to catch the train to work, so I don't have to park it at the train station.

1 - 6 of 15 Posts