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Just today looked at a EL GTII for sale. 122kkm, 2 owners, original. NZD 39995. Nice machine Build no. 13 - unluckly for some? Even had old David Flints sig on the book. Only 20 came into NZ in 97. Are they more common in Aust? Prices? Last one I saw was 18 months ago NZD 65000, with from memory 60kkm.
Now who can tell me - the AUII xr8 was supposed to be modelled of the EL GT. The GT has 65mm TB, milder cam than the EB GT, real headers (not squashed flat steel like on the AU), and GT40 upper manifold. How come then it only put out 200 kw? Or was it a real 200kw, and the AUII isn't? Hmmmm interesting thoughts.

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That's a good price, $39,995NZ ~= $33,000AU. Even though it's done that many k's, it's a damn good price!! Consider all the good bits you'd be getting, including the lovely Ghia type interior, the Momo wheel etc. , that fantastic twin caliper front brake system, the superb suspension, .... the list goes on :D

I think the EL GT was a bit underrated, and can certainly hold it's own in terms of handling and performance in general. I'd be tempted to buy this one and fit an EL XR front end, to get rid of that coal stove grille :D

And to the questions - please correct me anyone if I'm out here :eek: :D

(1) Prices over here are generally in the $45k - $65k depending on k's etc.

(2) There were 272 built

(3) The AUII was not really modelled on the EL GT, more modelled on the AUI T-Series engines ie. the intake system, head intake/exhaust flow, etc.

(4) Not certain the EL GT cam was milder than the EB, but was different to the cams in the EL1 and EL2 XR8's.

(5) GT had the same headers as the EL2XR8 (not fantastic)

(6) GT did have GT40 upper + lower manifolds.

(7) GT also had a different ECU with more specific tuning for the different intake & cam

You might want to read this review of it as well..

... and this...

Hope this helps mate!! I'd say go take a long hard look at it, I'd be very tempted :D
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