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G'day Lads,

just purchased an 97 EL fairmont ghia V8 the auto is slipping, it has been serviced. I have a 6 cylinder auto, is it possible to have them swapped over with the v8 im aware the bell housing requires to be swapped over. i noticed the specs of the 6 and 8's have the same ratios im assuming the box is the same minus the bell housing and the input shaft? is there a possiblity to swap it over or not possible. if so whats required for this to work.

thanks in advance


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I douibt it is practicable without major and expensive work. The 97LE (V8) and 93LE (Inline 6 ) transmissions also use different torque converors and the 97LE uses a sepertae trnsmission control unit rthaer than the engine ECU. They also use different hydraulic valve ratios.
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