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What'll they think of next?!:eek:

No-hands electronic-powered tonneau covers

Gold Coast manufacturer, Quig Tonneau, has released a range of quality aluminium, high security tonneau covers that are electronically powered.
Any ute owner who has ever wrestled with a stiff
vinyl tonneau in the early hours of the morning is
sure to appreciate a cover that operates
automatically, either from a control in the cab or by using an optional key pad infra-red remote control.
Quig Tonneau developed the roll-a-back design over
two years, resulting in a rattle free, weather-resistant product that features powdercoated roller shutter construction, with concealed fittings for maximum security.
The high-tech Quig product is available for Ford
Falcon and Holden Commodore utilities, as well as
the popular Holden Rodeo, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, Mazda Bravo and Nissan Navara.
It can also be custom-built for Ford F150 and F100 models, Dodge Rams and GMC utilities.
Optional ladder racks or sports bars can still be fitted to a vehicle with a Quig Tonneau, and colour coding is available to match the vehicle, making for a stylish and practical utility.
For further information contact:
Quig Tonneau
Phone: 07 5532 0032
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