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engine and trany swap

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i have a 79 f100 with a 302 and a c6. i want to put it in my 82 f100. can i use the motor mounts,trany cross member, and drive shaft from the 79 in the 82?
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Before I can answer your question, what is currently in the 82, or what was in it?
Evan MacDonald
Your going to need 80-up V8 frame pads(maybe engine mounts too, not sure though,) the tranny will bolt to the stock 82 crossmember, and I think the driveshaft would fit, but, the stocker should work if you change the yoke, if they are the same legnth. You almost have to have the engine in before you can tell. I know that LWB 2wd 80-86 trucks only use one legnth driveshaft, and I'm running a rear drive shaft out of a 78 F150 4x4 SWB in my 82.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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