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This is going to be a complex question. I have a 2004 mazda 6 which has the VVT ford 3.0, pretty much the same as in the 2006-2009 Ford Fusion. My Mazda needs a replacement engine and another used mazda 3.0 engine goes for over $3500, while the same engine from a Ford is less than $1000.00

I currently have the chance to get an engine with only 1600 miles on it out of a 2010, but that year they made some changes with the VVT and the electronics.

My question is there anything significantly different in the blocks in the 2nd gen 3.0 Duratec? I know the ECU is different and such but I will only be using the longblock and everything originally mazda will be swapped over onto the new engine. This is easily done with the 2006-2009 3.0, but I'm wondering if the changes made in 2010 are too complex.

I suppose it's the same question as would a 2010 engine fit in an earlier fusion?

Thanks for any advice
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