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My engine coolant light comes on occasionally while driving, it feels like the trans is jumping out of gear when this happen. I've had (2) Ford dealerships check it out, (1) found nothing, the other found a bad ignition coil. The dealership that wanted to replace the ignition coil would have done so for $369, I replaced it myself in 25 minutes for $43.

I am still having the hesitation problem which the engine coolant light comes on. Please advise, anyone!

have you checked fluid level, radiator cap, thermostat and radiator? if your engine really is over heating the computer is probably taking away a lot of your ignition advance and might be playing the fuel mixture, probably towards rich. i believe both are pretty standard for a failure prevention situation. you replaced your own coil so i would assume you know a thing or two about cars. did you make sure your radiator isn't covered with leafs or anything like that. if you have a mechanically driven fan, is the fan engaging? easy way to check if it is engaging is start the engine and let it warm up, you should beable to see the fan kick on from time to time. hope that helps.
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