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When I need to start my 351W EFI Engine, it seriously jacks when the starter cranks and then refuses to start. The only way to start it after that, is to remove the power from the fuel pump and as soon as it starts, put the power back to the fuel pump. A black fume then comes out of the muffler.

The engine has been totally overhauled and has only 50 000 miles but injectors system has about 120 000 miles.

I went to the dealer with this problem and the only code the computer gave was the fuel pump fault (its normal because I need to turn it off to be able to start the engine. The mechanics was not able to troubleshoot it.

Is someone has already had this problem? If yes what is the problem and what solution can I use?

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I would check the fuel pump relay. See if you have power going through it before you crank. Just with key on.
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