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Volvo Cracks the Popemobile Concession

Photo courtesy of Volvo

VATICAN CITY — Volvo Cars, hoping to fill the void left now that Pope Benedict XVI has sold his beloved Volkswagen Golf, has presented His Holiness with a new XC90 utility vehicle.

The Swedish Popemobile was delivered at the Vatican last week. It is dark blue with a light interior. Under the hood is a Yamaha V8.

Pascal Bellemans, president of Volvo Auto Italia, said, "We are absolutely happy and proud of the opportunity we had to give a car to the Pope. Safety has always been a no-compromise must for Volvo; no doubt, our strong commitment to safeguard lives could not get a higher and more touching recognition."

To which we say: Amen.

What this means to you: If it's good enough for the Pope...
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