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Howdy everybody, my name's Scott Fullerton from Los Angeles, CA. I'm new to the forums so I thought I'd just begin with my latest headache.

I got a 72 Comet with a 200 six, and I just took the head in for a valve job, bought some new junk to go on with it like new lifters, new rocker shaft, etc. However, my exhaust manifold looks awful and is full of what I'm assuming is carbon build-up from half-burnt fuel. I've heard that this should be removed to avoid restricted exhaust flow, as well as excess heat near the head which can contribute to detonation. Would sandblasting be able to get all the inside nooks and crannies of the manifold? or should I just go at it with a wire brush and some solvent?

Anyone got any suggestions or prior experience with this? Also, how much does sandblasting a piece like that cost?

Thanks, Scott
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