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Charity Rally Car Up for Grabs

Hi Guys,
As a long time reader first time poster, I've gotta say that I find these forums excellent. That said:
I have a 1972 ZF Fairlane I need to get rid. However this one has a difference. It has been set up for charity rally events (aka bash car).
Since I've had to change jobs I no longer have the time to raise the cash in order to partake in these events. This means that the car is up for grabs.
Specs Are:

1972 ZF Fairlane
Raised and heavy duty suspension
Under body sump and gearbox protector
All necessary charity car towing points
New roof flasher (this one is similar to a police cars but orange)
CB Radio
Simple Digital Trip Meter
Stiped out interior
Roll Cage
Racing Harnesses
Steel Plating where rear seat was (stops fire coming into cabin)
and theres heaps more.

This car is completely ready to hit the dirt. All the compulsary items for all charity events have been fulfilled, due to the fact when I started I wasn't sure charity I was going to support.
I subsequently chose Camp Quality and have to say that the two seperate years I went was some of the best fun I've ever had. Not only are the courses well mapped out and relatively fun but the social scene there is great.

Driving this car is unlike most old cars I've driven, the suspension is really tight, the steering is excellent (great for big slides) and you feel very safe driving it.

You may have noticed I skipped the engine and drivetrain. Thats because I want it for my project XB. It has a 351c that was about 10k (kms) old, a 5k old c4 gearbox and lsd rearend.
With this combination my car absolutely flew and you can imagine the fun sliding it I had. I went through 8 good tires from sliding so much. I even came third overall in a dirt sprint section, not bad considering there were ex rally toranas there.

This means that if you wish to take this car off me you end to source a suitable engine. I'm planning on putting the 6 out of the XB into the ZF so it can be driven around.

So all in all, I have a ZF rally car that needs someone who wants to have a damn good time in the dirt to take it off my hands for modest sum. You get a car that is ready to compete minus the tranny.

So, what do you guys think.

(i'll put pictures up tonight when I get home)

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Nobodys interested in doing a Charity Bash???

Surely some of you guys have thought about it, or at least know somebody whos done it before. If you doubt how much fun it is ask someone else who's done it.
Can any one here on the forums back up my claim?

Besides, I'm not after a lot of money for it, I just want to see it go to a good home.

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Webpage with Pics

Well maybe a few pics might raise more interest.
I will sell the car including the V8 Drivetrain if anyone is interested.
I'm after $5500 with V8, $2500 with 6, or $2000 with engine you provide.

Visit to see the pictures.

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