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Gentlemen and/or Ladies, Help if you can shed some light on my lovely 351c?

It has been a long long time between drinks:beerbottl & to your suprise I'm still around & I still have my baby girl F100 with the trusty cleveland nested in there. over the past 6 yrs I have racked up 30,000 kms.

Now, back in 2006 I did a rebuild:
-351 4MA crank
-6" rod job
-ARP rod bolts
-Hi vol oil pump
-ACL pistons
-open 2v irons with 4v valves
-Stock valve springs
-dual plane intake
-600vs Holley
-tri y headers
-single 2.5" system
-Cam ??? f*** knows. I was never told the exact specs when I picked her up after rebuild the builder couldnt find the specs nor could he remember what he put in it. but he insisted it was a Crow towing cam where many tow truckers use.
-Rebuilt C4 with valve body mod for cleaner shifts
-Rebuilt 9" diff with 3.5 gears

Question is what is the dammed Cam that he put in? I know nobody can answer that.

BUT the one that has been sitting in my head over the 6 years, was having the the open 2v heads opened up to 4v valves was a good thing or not?? is it or isnt it?

Driving it pulls nice off idle, finds a flat spot mid revs in second then the power builds strong in high rpm. I have been 90% happy with the combo, and now thinking about making this motor run a little happier with the smallest/easiest mods as possible.

What are your thoughts guys is their potential for a good daily streeter :driver:

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