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How do i make my Factory EQ from my 94 pgt a digital analyzer or even make it work as an equalizer with my jvc head unit? I know some have made it a digital analyzer and even an equalizer, but I have no idea how to do it. I'm not that great with the wires n stuff, but I can probably figure it out if someone told me how to do it, step by step, thanks for any help :s5

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I finally figured it out. If you want to juz hook up the aftermarket deck with your eq and make the eq display the graphics...follow this:

-get a speaker wire
-join it to one of your speaker wires..(i used one of the rear
Purple i think..make sure it's positive)

-On the other end join it to the eq.
As for the eq..there's two plugs..cut the wires from the smaller
plug. Not the power plug.

-Look for a orange with black stirpe wire and join the wires.

That's all...pretty don't have to unplug the batteries..etc.

15mins mod

Good luck!
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