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Prestige motoring aficiondas will be treated to a whole new level of comfort,luxury and refinement with the upcoming launch of a revitalised long wheelbase range from Ford.
Ford Australia President Tom Gorman has announced the new Fairlane Ghia Mk11 and LTD Mk11 will go on sale in March.
"Fairlane Mk11 will follow in tyre tracks of the successful Falcon Mk11 launch and continue to build on the impressive heritage of Ford's iconic long wheelbase" Mr Gorman said.
"The new BA Fairlane Mk11 and LTD Mk11 deliver true sports luxury vehicles, surrounding the occupants in opulence while delivering a spirited driving experience"
"Fairlane has further provided us the opportunity to further demonstrate Ford's prowess in delivering superior road handling without sacrificing comfort.'
"We have added lashings of opulence to truly signify the Fairlane, G220 and LTD as prestige vehicles."
"The new interior surrounds the occupants with rouched leather seats,suede look finishes and a luxury steering wheel."
"A refined exterior design highlights the classic sculptured lines of the long wheelbase range with chrome side body protection mouldings,high exterior chrome exterior mirror scalps, two tone exterior paint on Fairlane Ghia and LTD, revised alloy wheel designs and new badging"
'The Fairlane G220 boasts elegant new 7 spoke alloy wheels with large centre cap. "
"Fairlane Mk11 comes complete with the Intelligent Safety System that won the coveted Gold award at the Society of Australian Engineers Excellence Award in 2003. Employing a number of sensors, the system monitors information such as driver seating positioning and crash severity."

A picture was posted recently, when I first posted on the new Fairlane.
Can't wait to see it in the metal!!:driver:

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YOu will need sharp eyes to spot the difference tween a mk1 and a mkII fairlane. slight different wheels and paint and trim.

I dont think thats going to turn the sales slump around.
To me the prob is it looks to like a falcon from the front, and inside it doesnt looks ritzy as a statesman. The holden interior looks like a las vegas nightclub compared to the fairlane. Also theres somethign awkward looking about the rear doors (which are too small even on falcon and look like port holes on the fairlane) and the high boot just looks wrong.

IT just looks strange from some angles and like any falcon from others.
I dont know what they can doo about the doors and boot, prob nothing till next major new model, but it could use a new grille and lights (head and taillights) as well as a less falcon dash and seatback dvd screens etc.

It might dive and handle better then the holden but i dont know if this market cares that much about that. (So long as its nota totally undrivable gutless wonder) If they wanted a sports sedan they would get XR/GT BMW or something.they want big oppulent obviously prestige cars to show they "made it"

It shouldnt be able to be mistaken for a falcon from the outside and inside it should hjave lot of toys. I think thats what this market likes.
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