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I heard that the Falcon SR add had changed during the V8 Supercar race on the weekend, and that the SR Wagon was now available. As long as it's got a Manual option, I'm interested again.

So here begins my gripe.

The web page is attrocious for pricing and information. I mean, it goes part the way, but the part of the way it doesn't go makes it next to useless, and I may as well have gone straight to a dealer.

Let me begin.

The SR Wagon is not listed on the website. True that it's new. But to hear it advertised and not see it on the website makes me think that the website is the last thing to get updated.

There are no images of any of the options that you select. That, more than anything, really bugs me. A few images of what that option loooks like installed on a car would be great.

There is no way of telling what is mutually exclusive other than those little popups.

The SR V8 is not listed anywhere. Is there any such thing as an SR V8? Someone said that there was, and that it was even available in a manual.

I would like to see more effort placed on the 'pricing' part of the website. Who do you all think I should direct my consrtuctive opinions towards?


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The SR is a Forte. With an SVP pack which includes:
*Side SKirts,
* Sports Trim
*Chrome Exhaust Tip

So Any Forte Options,are available on SR. This includes the Forte V8.

The Wagon is only available in AUTOMATIC transmission.

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I agree, the website needs more work on it. The configurator definately seems lesser compared to holdens. Holden is neater, clearer and seems to beable to configure any model and is kept uptodate.

You can't even read some of the options on fords..

Need more hi res pictures as well, on my 19" screen the pictures are tiny, when I drop the res, they get blocky.

I know I often vist the sites and attempt to configure a vechical and see what gives me the options I want at a reasonable price.

It would nice to see what options change the look of the car as well.. But the essentials should really be fixed..
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