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Mine is a manual 6, I have tried out a lot of fords like mine, and it seems to just be a fast one!! Do you think a car can be faster than another the same?
I think when you buy one, you should try a few and take the fastest!!
Now though its got 2 1/2 mandrel exhaust, i noticed the diff in high revs straight away, a K+N air filter= better instant power, Cooler heat range spark plugs= even better.
For each mod my highway fuel economy went down. 8.5l at 110 - 120, Ive had 800 on a tank. I tried out diferent highway speeds and economy @95 8.0, @110 8.5, @130 10.0, @150 12.5 @160 - 185(speed limit) 14.5, which i think improved heaps thanks to the increased airflow through the engine, especially high speed. I was cruising not flooring it up to speed and using regular unleaded.
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