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i have a problem with my 1999 focus estate,in that the dash lights and
side lights have stopped working.
the main switch seems to be ok on all other settings (auto electrician
rigged a dummy switch from loom for side lights).
fitted a new switch unit still the same problem ..

any ideas

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ok its time to study the wiring diragram you need to check the voltage on
the output sidelight supply wire where it leaves the switch and trace the
wire to the dash. somewhere on this wire there is a break or high
resistance(almost a break)
i have'nt got the digram here, im off work on the sick , daytime tv is so
interesting in the uk.....

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could it be something as simple as the relay switch that is jiggered ..

the dummy swith is effectively by passing the switch assembly..

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if the dummy switch bypasses the main switch and you've tryed a new switch
unplug the main switch and look carefully at the multiplug on the back of
it (harness side) for burnt connectors. ive done a few mondeos with this
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