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Thanks to all that have put their name down for this comp. The following people are in the draw: au steve, wasa, xd xr6, jase elxr8, laminge, aussie falcon, ford man, venom s, mbrown 42, aussie pete, albert m, el2xr8, (v) adxf, martin, jaytyn, adviliax, chaps and ef falcon guy. If i have missed anyone please put your details below.

People can still enter the comp (only if you are coming to the FDC) till the day before the FDC visit. Please feel free to pass on my hotmail address to people who are coming to the FDC (but are not on the ff page) so they can have a chance as well (members of the NSW tickford owners club etc) The address is as follows [email protected]
Thanks again
Alex :D
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