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Would you know how to eliminate that running out of gas syndrome?.....that's what it feels like and it is obviously a common problem with the late eighty's to 91 models with the 351 and V.V. carb. Checked everything..replaced: distributor, dist. cap, rotor,....coil,..plugs & wires...brain-box. Its getting fire...and its getting clogged filter. Replaced: filter, fuel pump and plenty of gas dry! vI've replaced all of these items and more including a regular 2bbl carb for the V.V. I even replaced both cats and the entire exhaust system. I finally quit driving it!.........I used 2 think it was a unique problem with just my 91 ex-police I have the same problem with my 87 with a 351 (this was an ex-government car)...same thing.....ran fine....then all of a has the exact same symptoms as my 91 did....I used 2 think it was bad gas or water in the gas..put some gas dry in it....that didn't do it ......but that's what it feels like,,,,,the symptom is your going highway speeds and been driving for a while when all of a feels like your running out of gas.....U let off of it. Then it comes back ..and goes a little further..then the same thing happens and gets progressively worse and more frequent until your almost crawling or it just will not run at all!.....This only happens after the car reaches normal operating temperature. The warmer the day is the earlier this will begin to happen. There has 2 be an explanation..I need 2 fix this . It is quite embarrassing and not 2 mention.....very unreliable with this condition. I hate this! HELP! Rich

P.S. I've heard of this condition before a while back but don't remember what the solution was..maybe the EGR or something but I need details.

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I have seen this problem several times, first time I ran across it it also drove me crazy.

Check the sock filter inside the fuel tank, it's on the pickup tube beside the sending unit. If it's the original it's at least ten years old.

Most times the mechanic will just remove the sock and not replace it. I think new ones are still available from Ford. Be sure to check the inside of the tank and be sure than there is not a lot of rust or trash in there. If the car sat of a long period of time without being used and the tank was not full, the top of the tank interior will rust and when you started using the car again the fresh fuel washed all this rust off into the bottom of the tank. Clean all this out (radiator shops can usually boil out fuel tanks) or you will have the same problem all over again.

The times I have experienced this problem, the car would run slower and slower almost to a crawl. If you pull over and shut the engine off and wait a minute or so it would start right back up and run fine. The trash was falling off the sock filter when the suction from the fuel pump stopped when the engine was stopped.

Just remember to be very careful dealing with gasoline.
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