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First Post again ! :D

I have a pretty nice set up in my PGT using

Sony mobile X-es P1

I'll see if I can dig up some pics

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Stock CD/Tape/Tuner ghetto spliced up -
150 watt Kenwood Amp (don't remember model #)

2 MTX Blue Thunder 10s
2 MTX Mids
2 MTX Tweets
- all in back -

Stockers in the doors, rear seating area, stock subwoofer

10 speakers total - it sounds pretty good for GHETTO, got to love the acoustics of the hatchback!

I cannot wait to pull it all out one day. ALL the speakers, all the wiring, the deck, the amp.. all for weight loss reasons of course, but that will be much later than now..


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new aiwa head unit(blue =]) , sony exlpoids 3 way pioneer premiers 3 ways , 180 watt hp hurricane tweeters, alpine 4 channel amp , mobile authority 2 channel , punch cap , sealed box with 2 12's , audio pipe wiring and mtx cross over(soon 2 come pioneer eq digital)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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