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I have a bunch of stuff...

-Stock flywheel from the 2.2 non-turbo. I resurfaced it by hand, should be good to go, or you can lighten it yourself. Make an offer. I want to get rid of it. You pay shipping too.

-Fidanza Flywheels for $219 shipped in the US. 10lbs aluminum with steel reinforcement, very good quality. I have one on my car and have been happy with it. I can have it shipped to you in under 2 weeks usually.

-Stock radio and tape player. Still worked when I took it out. $17 shipped.

-Black driver's side mirror shell from an 89 GT (same as GL and LX from 89...maybe other years as well). Make an offer.

-Stock air intake box from '89GL. It comes with all the screws, asking for $20+shipping.
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