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I may tear it down as i'm concerned turning it over with no knowledge of what state the pots and ports are in may cause damage.

Can members give me any important points to action for checking over my Cleveland 302 for a start after
sitting around for 7 years ?
Unless I'm told otherwise my plan is :
Holley 4 bore carby off. De varnish interior if old fuel has left varnish and muck.
Plugs out. Spray wd40 in the cylinders. Leave for hour or so.
Hand crank the engine.
If turns over refit sparks.

Check ignition wiring.
Refit carby with new gasket.
Test start on key.

Won't be doing any high revving until other checks made and oil changed.
Engine has electronic ignition fitted

Suggestions welcome.
Thanks. Matty
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