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Hey everyone! I was just invited to your site, and I had to check it out. I look forward to getting to know everyone!

I am a Ford Specialist, although I no longer work with Ford. I am currently employed by IBM and I have specialized in Supercharging and High-Performance conversions.

In the past few years, we have become involved in high-performance trucks, and we are just getting started on our third F-150 project.

Derek (AKA Crash!)

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Hey have you ever heard of or tried the 3.0L Supercharged Ford Probe using a Thunder bird SC Supercharger and an adapter plate? I have only heard of one other person doing this..

You should take your knowledge of trucks and use them on cars too.. =)

Maybe some good turbo advice?


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Thanks guys!

4.0 Ranger/ Exploder? Yes. 3.0 Probe? No. Is there a company making a kit, or are you adapting it to your Probe? I have seen people adapt TWO M90s to a 5.0 L (why not?), but never a 3.0 Probe. I would love to hear more!

I still love cars, and most of my experience is on cars. I offer Roots-Type kits for the T-Bird, Crown Victoria, and Mustang as well.

I just bought a '00 4.6L 5-speed, and I just completed the blower install. This truck is even quicker then the '98 you will see in my signature. Pics will come soon.

I think I will go for a subtle approach this time around. Maybe the "Perfect Sleeper" or a "NASTRUCK" style. Anyone have any suggestions?

I do have a couple of connections to N2O and turbos.

Derek (AKA Crash!)
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