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Hey all you guys, I need help building the Focus area out to its own area. Will be looking for a mod for the area also. is the Xr2 the same car?? i do not know much about these cars as you can see...
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You mean the ZX2. Ok, the ZX2 was basically like the sport version of the Ford Escort before they came out with the Focus. But the ZX2 did not last long, because now they have the Focus replacing the Escort. The sport version of the Focus is called the ZX3. The ZX3 is becoming really popular in the import drag racing scene (even though it's not an import). I am not sure how to devide up the area. Anyone else have any suggestions?
ZX2 lives

Ford made the best of what it did not have by using the Escort name which was well known for the ZX2.
Thus they did not have to spend the advertising dollars that they did not have for this car when they launched.
On the other hand by calling it the Escort, they alienated many potential buyers of the car. Those would be the young folks who would normally be attracted to Acura Integras, Honda Civic SIs, Neon ACRs, etc. Since Escort is not normally associated with performance cars in the US. (not the case in UK with the Cosworth rally cars)

Today Ford calls it the ZX2 period. The Escort name plate does not even appear on 2001 model.

The ZX2 does not share a single exterior body panel, nor headlights, not even the windshield with the Escort. The engine is different, a 2.0L DOHC engine Zetec (which is now used with a few modifications in the Focus ZTS and ZX3).

What it shares is the platform which is a previous generation Mazda 323 (not Protege) platform. This platform was used in the Ford Escort, Mercury (Ford Australia) Capri convertible, and Mazda MX3.
In some other countries this platform also was the basis for a Ford Laser.

Job 1 for the 2002 ZX2 is in July 2001.
Assembly plant in Hermosillo Mexico.
Thus, the ZX2 will live on until next year.
There are rumours that a modified 2-door Focus coupe (with a trunk) will become the ZX2 for 2003.
Speculations of the form range from a Ford Puma and Cougar like body to just a simple 2-door Focus.

ZX2 enthusiasts like their cars because of the engine's performance with the 127lb.ft of tq available across the rpm range, because of its 130 hp, and its 0-60 of 7.4 seconds. Oh and it sits 3 inches lower than the Focus.
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shared platform

add one more car that shares the same Mazda 323 platform with the ZX2: Hyundai Tiburon !!!!

Ok, since no Brit has answered, I will.
XR2 was a two door Escort hatchback that I believe was not sold in North America (I could be wrong!). They are built off the European Escort platform, not the Mazda 323 platform that the American machines are based on.

1.8L DOHC 115hp
0-60 9.3secs.

Does anyone remember back to early 80's, could be they were imported to US then?
rickgonz - is right the ZX2 was only suppose to be a transition from the escort to the focus. but it caught on. since some people dont like the focus. i keep hearing romurs that the ZX2 might come back in 2003 redisgned with a Focus ZX2 tag on it

the only thing the escort and zx2 have in common are suspension pieces, after that its apples and oranges.


The ZX2 also has a lower gear ratio than the 3. The ZX2 is a 4.10, while I believe the Focus is in the high 3 range, maybe a 3.92. So ti propells the car throught the 1/4 mile quicker, it is also a few hundred pounds lighter than the zx3. The ZX2 aftermarket support is not as big as the Foci, but it is steadily growing. They also made a ZX2-SR, it was packed with suspension goodies, short throw shifter, exhaust, intakes, performance tires, and a different computer code with no speed limiter, and it runs on higher octane. Just thought I would fill you all in a bit.
Hey Freek what's up? It seems I catch you everywhere.
im every where Motorsports. not alot of people in our area of this board but its nice to have a place for all the ford people:wink2:

Yeah that is what I thought all about FORD :wink2: I can use tow seperate forums, because I have a Bronco and a ZX2, and I actually have a taurus too.

Capri XR2 is not a ZX2, it is an australian built 2 door turbo-charged convertible made by mercury(ford).
Uses the Mazda B6T engine that is used in some Escorts, 323's, and Miata's.
I have a hard top on mine, my soft top window is cut out....the pic is not mine but it looks like mine....other than that mine is dark blue


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Re: XR2

HAGS said:
Capri XR2 is not a ZX2, it is an australian built 2 door turbo-charged convertible made by mercury(ford). etc
Your Capri is an XR2, and so are several Escorts and Fiestas over the years.
It's like a model of a car, or package option.
Sort of like SE, LX, etc. that Ford likes to use cause it sounds good.

If you look at some of the British Ford fan web sites, you might see the wide variety of Escorts, Cortinas, Granadas, Scorpios, etc.

The original Capri was a British Ford coupe version of the 70's Cortina.
It was a rear wheel drive car.

And then later, Mercury imported several other European Fords as Merkur XR2i, XR3i, XR4ti etc. although they were originally Escort, Scorpio, etc.

But don't rely on what I say, cause I'm hazy over stuff that's twenty years old and it can get really confusing as some cars were sold here in US, but others weren't and they had the same names for different cars, etc. etc.

Take a look at the different sites listed at:
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