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In response to a certain individual who owns a 5 door family hatch with no family, in a dodgy girly blue colour and and who refuses to bow down to the seniority and awe of the Machine silver 3 door... here's probably the funniest convo I ever had with the old man Tim... oh dear...

Timmy V says: he he we are so different
Matt says: will we ever agree on anything?
Matt says: that's what bonds us
Timmy V says: haha, hell no. we have so many rivalries, and while you all rave on about silver and 2 doors, nothing will change
Timmy V says: we have color wars, state of origin, and body style wars LOL
Timmy V says: oh, and 2 doors are for people with only one friend
Matt says: or one incredibly attractive friend with no need for others
Matt says: 5 doors are for tossers who hope to have friends
Matt says: dream of all the doors being used
Timmy V says: LOL or four incredibly hot friends!!!
Matt says: yeah right...
Matt says: see what I mean?
Matt says: dreamin mate
Timmy V says: haha, i use them so often, i am very glad i bought it, in all seriousness!
Matt says: yeah but jumping in the back urself doesn' count
Timmy V says: yeah, but with three other girls, phwoar
Timmy V says: rofl
Matt says: I smell a forum war coming on... cough posty posty posty
Timmy V says: same as the Laser, we were always looking for a four door
Matt says: no wonder you need performance mods
Timmy V says: after the crappy festiva, neither of us ever want another two door
Matt says: I had a festiva 2 door
Timmy V says: coz when we got out with girls, its such a pain in the ass
Matt says: what a beast!!!!
Timmy V says: ah, i did too, most shameful peice of crap i ever owned
Timmy V says: two doors were the worst EVER
Matt says: he he he what a beast
Timmy V says: i swore i'd never get another two door, whenever myself, a mate, and girls would go out, arg
Matt says: best 1st car, mine was white, totally non chicky as festivas go, went like the clappers, it's say it's keep a CL honest mu ha ha ha
Matt says: yeah lol
Timmy V says: rofl yeah right
Matt says: plus it had a blue speedo
Matt says: and a SOny CD player
Matt says: 2 ways and a sick subwoofer
Matt says: maaaate that was a car
Timmy V says: the Festiva had no go whatsoever and had the quality of a koeran washing machine
Timmy V says: i feel ashamed that i ever owned one
Matt says: it had a reputation amongst my mates, the crazy handbrake turns, burnouts and 0-100 runs were what made me!!
Matt says: mine was a beast
Matt says: you had a lemon
Timmy V says: but getting girls in and out of the back was the pits, especially in short summer dresses, they hated it
Matt says: nobody pays out the Festiva!!!!!!!!
Matt says: yeah but if you hated it then there's something wrong with ya
Timmy V says: no, but when they refuse to come out in it, then it sucks arse
Timmy V says: i dont blame em, it would bug me no end
Timmy V says: it was annoying enough having to move the seat for em
Matt says: he he he
Timmy V says: you gotta admit, its a pain in the ass! Its something people who cant afford anything better put up with
Timmy V says: in that sort of car
Timmy V says: Festiva
Timmy V says: Fiesta
Timmy V says: Focus
Timmy V says: Falcon
Matt says: nah
Timmy V says: GT40
Matt says: i never worry, my seat stay fixed, i like driving close so i never need to move!!!!!
Matt says: sweeeeet
Matt says: he he GT40 yeah baby
Timmy V says: ah well, it shows who actually uses their back seat alot i guess
Matt says: besides, if they lazy pricks would buy their own friggin car or take the taxi i'd never even need to pause to consider the 4 doors, let alone pay for them
Matt says: time is money baby
Timmy V says: i usually always go out with myself, a girl, and another couple
Matt says: mine gets used heaps, i have no problems. Us city kids have 2 doors mate guess it's just the difference lol
Timmy V says: its just easier to take one car, less fuel, you can socialise while you drive to the restaraunt
Matt says: yeah well for the 15 seconds it takes to get in, it's worth not paying $1500
Timmy V says: must be the age thing, you're still at an age where you'll put up with anything, LOL
Matt says: plus i reckon it looks better
Matt says: HA *&$% ME!!!!!!!!
Timmy V says: bah, who cares about money!
Matt says: anything in the form of something that will crap on a commodore ute
Matt says: anything indeed
Timmy V says: buy what you want, if you're buying an expensive german car, get exactly the one you want
Matt says: yeah point being?
Timmy V says: you commented on price vs practicality
Matt says: see i don't buy the car for my mates i buy it for myself. if they don't like it, then i don't have to drive which saves me money. either way i win!!!!
Matt says: i get a car i love to drive, looks good, or i don't pay for fuel and someone else worries about it
Timmy V says: rofl. Fair enough, i buy cars to take girls and mates out in
Matt says: works for me
Matt says: he he you playa
Matt says: did somebody say BLING?
Matt says: u got those hydraulics installed yet bro?
Matt says: or those
Matt says: cough
Matt says: laugh neons
Timmy V says: well, usually when you go out on dates, you both usualy take a girl out?
Matt says: he he
Timmy V says: LOL yeah, well, see, my car would actually look alright, coz it wont be stock as a rock
Timmy V says: rofl
Matt says:i always let the girl sit up front, if not they usually are totally happy being driven. City girls are grateful for the lift, they aren't demanding...
Matt says: mine ain't stock bitch
Timmy V says: this is so much fun, no ground is made or lost, just bashing nowhere
Matt says: I'VE GOT CLEAR INDICATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt says: BLOW ME
Timmy V says: LOL
Timmy V says: rofl grateful
Matt says: and a 6 stacker
Timmy V says: uni students?
Matt says: now who's got bling??!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matt says: eat it
Timmy V says: LOL
Matt says: this rocks!!!!!!
Timmy V says: but who has big wheels now?
Timmy V says: and who will have one of the lowest Foci around in a week?
Timmy V says: and a full bodykit!
Timmy V says: and neons, muahahahahaha
Timmy V says: well, maybe not neons
Matt says: who's insecure about his car, his small soft wheels and has to upgrade?
Timmy V says: but for a laugh, we can pretend
Matt says: it's not the size of the worm it's how ou use it
Timmy V says: LOL i always bought the car with the vision of upgrading them
Timmy V says: i didnt pay for crap that i wish i could upgrade anyway!
Matt says: well i have access to 2 ST170's, CFOCUS, numbers of CL's and LX's, a few XR6 Turbos and all the XR8's I can orgasm in
Timmy V says: i actually upgrade it
Matt says: so do i baby
Matt says: 1 word
Timmy V says: LOL so do I, i can test drive whatever
Matt says: ST170's
Matt says: pah test drive
Matt says: I can cruise mate
Matt says: nothing test about it
Timmy V says: LOL a good friend of the family owns Harrigan Ford.....
Matt says: no need to bullshit about wanting to buy it
Matt says: i can just grab the keys
Timmy V says: LOL
Matt says:a good friend of mine runs Power Ford... well he might be a good friend. depends on what he thinks of me!!!!!
Timmy V says: but you cream over driving other peoples cars, what about yours?
Matt says: I like him anyway
Matt says: he's a nice guy
Timmy V says: LOL poof!
Timmy V says: hahahahaha
Timmy V says: ah dear, being so silly
Matt says: mate, I get wood every time I see a machin silver car, every time i stop my car i have to let the engine cool.. I've got a wood timer (TM) so i can cool down myself before switching the engine off so i don't make a fool of myself

And there end the conversation... he he Tim and I are good mates. Just like the Americans and the North Koreans. Just a lot of talk, no action. One day there'll be a real war and both know they'll win...

Corner Hugger
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Wood timers (tm) on sale for only $69.95 for all Machine Silver owners, understandably sexy little cars. Who needs 5 doors or even 2 when it's just you and the Machine Silver. Sold where all good sex toys are found.
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