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We have owned a second-hand '93 Probe GT for some time but we have never used the Fog Lights. Since we are sans an owner's manual I am curious as to how we turn them on.

The car is currently at the shop getting inspected and they can't figure it out either. There is a lot of information about how to re-wire the FL's but not anything I can find out there as to how to turn them on.

Any takers at this most "difficult" question? :)

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your fog lights are hot only when the headlights are on. there should be a small button with a clear plastic strip on top of it right below your HVAC controls (a/c controls). if you have a defroster, you will have two such controls with the defrost being on the left.

push this button in and turn on your headlights. the fogs should come on unless they've burned out. replacement bulbs are sylvania 881. for a slightly brighter light you can use sylvania 886, but you must either drill a few small holes on the housing or seal them as this is a hotter bulb.

you can also wire the fogs to come on with the parking lights only. this is done by using a blue-colored 3m quick-tap connector. there is a link to this in the maintenance section of my website. link on the link and you'll find it there.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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